Bulk Molding Compound

BMC is a combination of chopped glass strands, mineral fillers and liquid thermoset resin in the form of a malleable sheet material.

BMC is a bulk molding compound based on unsaturated polyester resin reinforced with glass fibers and mineral fillers which is supplied in the form of compressed dough paste and can be converted into a wide range of products using compression molding and injection.

This product is a very suitable alternative to metals in terms of high physical strength, excellent impact and heat resistance, equivalency of thermal expansion coefficient with metal and perfectly smooth and glossy appearance despite low weight. It is also a great alternative to conventional plastics in terms of insulation resistance and fire retardancy properties.

The ease of design, the ability to apply complex designs only in one part and having a wide range of desired physical and chemical properties, has led to the rapid growth this product consumption in various industries such as automobiles, water and sewage, electricity and many others.

 BMC Grades

Product Id Description Datasheet
BMC1010-Head Lamp Reflector specially designed to produce Head Lamp Reflectors, Fog Lamp. Download
BMC100-Electrical Grade pecially designed to produce Head Lamp Reflectors, Fog Lamp. Download
BMC500-General purpose Suitable for the production of electrical insulators and other small and medium-sized parts and tools Download